Our Services

Structure Work

Our structural work involves in analyzing, planning, installing and researching structural components and for structural systems which is basic include bearing-wall, post and lintel, frame, membrane, and suspension we take over the each project. CGI takes account mainly of technical, economic and environmental concerns while also consider aesthetic and social factors which shall be carried out to the satisfaction of the client and within the time that client shall require. So, our team will ensuring buildings are built to be strong and stable enough to hold up their load.

A full time Site Manager will be on site for the duration of your project, responsible for:

  1. Analyzing of Site
  2. Researching of Structure System
  3. Planning
  4. Engineering Work
  5. Technical Specifications
  6. Co-ordination of Contractors
  7. Site Safety & Quality Control
  8. Liaison with Building Management
  9. Adherence to Programmed
  10.  Testing and Commissioning
  11. Certificates of Compliance

Fit Out Work

CGI is carried out the fit-out work task and construction of the project in terms of Interior Fit-Out. We are employed by the owner to focus on combining the design, permit, and our construction schedules in order to streamline the project in a full package basis. CGI will strive to bring together team design with our construction professionals in a collaborative environment to complete the project. Our Interior Fit-Out Work services are hard to beat.

Interior Fit-Out Work including tasks below such as:

  • Fit-out Planning and Review
  • Construction Work
  • Refurbishment
  • Decoration


Our proven Fit-Out Work Solutions bring our client projects to unprecedented levels of success.

Project Management

While clients come with a complete set of drawing, they can involve CGI to organize and manage resources to achieve successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. Successful project management on our emphasis on budget management and scheduling of all activities ensures the smoothness and success of all interior projects beyond customer expectations. Our Project Management Team is skilled on Knowledge which focuses on understanding the concept of each project.  With our capabilities and competencies developed through direct training or experience, we have the advantage in Estimating, Scheduling & Budgeting that transforms your project constraints into project success.


The detailed program will serve as a timeline for important dates, deadlines and milestones such as:

  • Project Preparation
  • Definition of Furniture Features
  • Comprehensive Report with Cost Analysis
  • Presentation


Our M&E Work always ensure high quality standards at all sites. We have established a trusted reputation for quality, technical ability, flexibility, and delivery construction industry. Whether it for small refurbishment works or full interior fit out projects, with our partner who have specialist in M&E work, we always brought in the highest levels of satisfaction of our client.

Our M&E responsibilities included;

  • review and coordinate Building and Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) drawings.
  • responsible for effective project implementation of the site works for all M&E work
  • supervise and monitor M&E operates per construction drawing and work schedule.


CGI has engaged in Interior / Construction Project over 10 years. For every stage of an interior / construction project, from the simplest to the most complex, our team always an in-depth study of each work carried out for each project with followed certain steps and processes to ensure a successful outcome. Among the Interior / Construction projects that we have been involved,, all of them have been satisfied with the results of our work. With the involvement of our team in high skills, it is not impossible, all the Interior / Construction projects we run successfully with results.

Our accept for the below project;

  1. Hotel & Resort
  2. Restaurant & Retail
  3. Cooperate & Private
  4. Residential

What We Do

Our proven Design & Build Solution help bring our clients’ project to unprecedented levels of success.

  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Cafe & Cuisine
  • Cinema
  • Commercial
  • Community and Churches
  • Corporate Office
  • Education & Academics
  • Entertainment Club
  • Exclusive Night Club
  • Flagship Boutique
  • Health & Care Center
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • IT Shopping Center
  • Listed Company Office
  • Medical Centre
  • Platinum Club
  • Private Club Dining
  • Property Sales Office